Our books, DVDs, and downloads featuring practical Karate kata applications are listed here.
Each project deals with the close-in, common types of attack.  Oyo might be a better term, yet Bunkai is how most people think of it, so we continue to use that term in order to make the material accessible.

A NOTE on PRICE.  At the moment it is beneficial to our customers to order in rather than $.  A single DVD is 19.95 (just over $25, although rates chnge daily) and we normally list them at $29.95.  Please order with confidence in s.  You're better off than our usual $ listings.
Peaceful Mind
Iron Horseman level 1
Fortress Storming
Fortress Storming - the minor version
The Pressure Point Guide for Martial Artists
DVDs & Downloads:
Core Principles:
Bunkai volume 1
Oyo volume 1
Bunkai of Basics
Tuite in Tekki
Pressure Points in Kata Bunkai
The Pressure Point Guide for Martial Artists 2 Disc set
Kata & Application range:
Kata & Application volume 1- Kihon
Kata & Application volume 2 - Heian Shodan
Kata Comparison Seminars:
Other Bunkai DVDs:
Bunkai Strategies Newsletter 2012
Bunkai Strategies Newsletter 2014 4 disc set
Heian Bunkai Workshop 2011 Roughcut
Heian Bunkai Workshop 2012 Roughcut

As a temporary measure, the Bunkai Strategies DVD course parts 1-5 (of 12) are available via Download

This course previously retailed at $997.  Parts 1-5 cost just $125.
Warning, this is a lot of information and a lot of files, please allow time for the downloads.

Parts 6-12:

Parts 6-12 are available at just $175.
Warning, this is a lot of information and a lot of file, please allow time for the downloads.


Who's teaching?

John Burke. Full-time Karate instructor based in Devon, UK.  Started training in Renshinkai in the early 1980s.  Tried a few different things.  Found himself in Jim Harvey sensei's Shotokan dojo in the early 1990s.  Now teaches seminars across the UK and internationally.


John Burke's Bunkai Resources

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