Volume 1 -Kihon

The basic kata & the basic tenets of bunkai revealed.  1 hour demonstrating the turns, throws, locks, and strikes to anatomically vulnerable areas that define the essence of kata bunkai for self defence. 


Heian Shodan bunkai application dvd

Volume 2 - Heian Shodan.  
Pinan Nidan.  
No marching forward against an attacker who's walking backwards.  Plain illustration of why you'd want to kiai on a "block".  45 degree angles explained.  Make this form an absolutely fundamental viable part of your art.

Just 19.95


heian nidan bunkai applications dvd
Volume 3 - Heian Nidan.  
Also known as Pinan Shodan.  
Representing the self defence applications of the reverse inside to outside block; the augmented block; and why it might be good to finish the kata with a rising block...  No chair blocks.  No kicks above the waist.  See why the kata is presented as it is, and how it really works.

Just 19.95

heian sandan bunkai applications dvd
Volume 4 - Heian Sandan 
Pinan Sandan.  
Not kicking knives out of people's hands or sticking your fingers through their sternum, just some low base and throws that work.  Simultaneous blocks?  Why you might want a slow move?  What the elbow blocks can be used for.
In this DVD the double-blocks aren't used as blocks and the fingertip strike probably doesn't go where you thought it did...

Just 19.95

Volume 5 - Heian Yondan.  
Also known as Pinan Yondan:
What many people don't know is that the moves are used against hook punches and bear hugs and the like, rather than against the techniques of another martial artist. 
The techniques of the kata are self defence applications that manipulate an opponent's balance, their joints, and strike to anatomically vulnerable areas. 
 Low x-block explained, in a way that doesn't get your arms broken.
We check out why you might want to do a move slowly, and why you might use the cross-legged stance.

heian godan bunkai
Volume 6 - Heian Godan.  
Pinan Godan
The culmination of the Heian family.  Time to find out what that "jump" is really for, and why manji gamae is NOT a simultaneous high block and low block.  
The video reveals what the jump can really be used for (not jumping over a bo staff, surely...?), and how the moves become joint-locks, throws, and strikes to anatomically vulnerable locations in the hands of those who care to see them.

dvdnewcovertekki1Volume 7 - Tekki Shodan.  
Real kata.  The Grappling Kata - companion to the book Iron Horseman, featured above.  
Tekki Shodan, also known as Naihanchi, is a complex and short karate kata that is much misunderstood. 
Rather than the usual fighting in a rice field or sideways down an alley, this video - about an hour long - demonstrates how the moves can be used for self defence, in close quarter situations with realistic types of attack. See the joint-locks, throws, and strikes to anatomically vulnerable areas that the kata reveals when it is put in a modern context.

You can see the Tekki Shodan Book here, along with the other Tekki DVDs 

Volume 8 - Bassai Dai.  
The one that started it all off for me.  Attending the seminar on this one would 
cost you more and you can't rewind to get the details.  See how the kata that many clubs use as their "black belt" standard is really used for locking joints, knocking attackers out and how to really use that "mountain punch".  
Far from "fighting in the dark", that last sequence is shown to be absolutely devastating.
Companion to the book Fortress Storming, featured here.

Jion bunkai applications dvd
Volume 9 - Jion.  Temple.  
No "preparatory" positions.  No "resting postures".  Only taking each technique and showing how it can be used in realistic situations.  Providing the basis for many of the moves in the Heian family of kata, we find them here in the "right order", and the analysis reveals the fundamental rule of application.

Volume 10 - Kanku Dai part 1.  
Kusanku.  Kosokun.  
To View the Sky, major version.  So big we couldn't get it all on one 
kanku dai bunkai dvd
disc.  Note:  this disc has the first half is shot at a fair distance.  The information was so good that we didn't want to reshoot (it hurt enough the first time) or digitally zoom which would have lost some of the clarity. It's there, but it takes up less of the screen than we're totally happy with... It's fixed from half-way through.
The applications are, as you would expect, defences against the common types of attack.  They are locks, throws, and strikes to anatomically vulnerable locations.  All from the first half of the kata.  It is, of course, continued on Kanku Dai part 2.


Volume 11 - Kanku Dai part 2.  
The rest of the kata.  The jump, falling to the floor, and why double kicks present no feints or dummies.


Kanku Dai 2 disc set
This is volume 10 & volume 11 presented together and supplied at a discount.  
31.92 instead of 39.90.

Volume 12 - Empi.  
Flying Swallow applications.  Dropping a big stone on the idea that you step out to  
the side and kneel down to block a kick!  Throws, traps, and more about the science of applying a kata.  Find out how this kata teaches practical self defence that doesn't rely on strength.

Volume 13 - Hangetsu
Crescent Moon gets applied!  Illustrating how the 
Hangetsu application dvd
techniques are used at the omote level, selected ura and hiden applications.  Arm bars, neck cranks, why you would want to stand making a "mountain block", throws and dangerous feet.  
This kata is the one that turned John Burke sensei's world around when he was investigating bunkai.  Being told by a 7th dan that the last move was for blocking a kick sent him on his search and the books, DVDs, and seminars are the result.  See on this DVD why that last application was just too ridiculous and see the answer that was discovered by trawling through the worlds "masters" until a good one was found.


bassai sho bunkai dvd
Volume 14 - Bassai Sho.  
Includes the real use for those techniques that look like you are holding a bo staff and comparison to Bassai Dai for applicative purposes.  Not for blocking weapon strikes.  Nor a weapon kata performed without your weapon.  Just a very useful fighting method in it's own right!   
Companion to the book Fortress Storming - the minor version, featured here.


kankushodvdnewcoverVolume 15 - Kanku Sho -   
Alfredo Marano sensei came over from Italy to experience the locks, throws and pain compliance techniques contained within this kata.  
Jumps, unbalancing pulls, and strange twin low level blocks all now have an added dimension for practitioners who have access to this information.


Volume 16 - Tekki Nidan -   
The middle chapter in the Naihanchi story as told through the Shotokan system.  The close-in grappling kata that teaches how a Karate-man does a bear-hug and why keeping an enemy at the side of you is so wise.  How can such a sort kata contain so much information?  This hour-long DVD shows how:

jitte bunkai dvd
Volume 17 - Jitte.  
Revealing the meaning of those "mountain blocks" and why you want to move like a "space invader".  Also known as Jutte.  This, middle chapter, in the Temple family of kata looks at multi-layered striking and how to really level the playing field against bigger and/or stronger attackers.
Bo dori will never be the same again.


nijushiho kata bunkai dvdVolume 18 - Nijushiho
"24".   The art of moving, throwing, grinding, and tearing at the opponent as they barrel into you.  This DVD is over 1 hour and 20 minutes long, and if you order right now it includes bonus footage of the comparison seminar parts that John Burke sensei taught back in 2004.  Learn the omote and ura applications against all sorts of different attacks!


The Nijushiho bunkai/application video (without the seminar bonus) is available as a download at $24.95 here:

gankaku bunkai dvd
Volume 19 - Gankaku 
Crane on a Rock, shown with 
throws, neck-wrenches, and what to do with a grappler!  This kata is normally reserved for 3rd Dan black belts.  If you want to see what "crane stance" can really be used for then this is just for you.

Sochin bunkai DVD
Volume 20 - Sochin - 
This DVD shows how the moves from the "strong/calm" kata can be used for realistic application.  Throat gouging and neck manipulation sit side by side with strikes to vulnerable places and barrelling attacks that do not rely on size and strength, but give the illusion of it. 
The enigmatic muso gamae reveals the neck cranks and reasons why you need kata - you can't do these moves on a training partner with speed and power.
 Normally taught to 3rd degree Black Belts.

unsu kata applicationsVolume 21 - Unsu
This DVD features the crane kata "Cloud Hands", demonstrating why ippon 
nukite has other destinations than the opponent's eyes, and how the gedan punches are used other than punching the groin.  The footage is about 2 hours long, and shows how the kata can be used in a practical sense.
Available with no postage charges here:


Gojushiho Sho Bunkai videoVolume 22 - Gojushiho Sho - 
By "Gojushiho Sho", we mean the Useishi kata with the spearhand techniques and the reverse shuto uke, not the "pointy finger" version which is sometimes labelled as Sho.  You'll find the other one on volume 23, which we call Gojushiho Dai!  
This DVD is over 1 hour and 50 minutes as we explore the nature of the "54" kata and the practical applications available.  Complex torque and balance manipulation sit side by side with potentially crippling strikes.

Gojushiho Dai
Gojushiho Dai bunkai videokata & application volume 23.    
The "54" kata.  The ippon nukite (one-finger spear hand) made useful!  
This kata is the version with the pointy-fingers rather than the alternating spear-hands.  
This version of Useishi makes prominent use of the neko-ashi-dachi and we take a look at how that can be most useful.  The video comes in at 150 minutes and is a fine companion volume to the Gojushiho Sho content (no repeats, they complement each other).


Volume 24 - Chinte 
Strange Hands.
This DVD features the applications to the moves in the 
kata Chinte.  That includes the two-fingered moves and the backwards bunny-hops.  All of them used in a practical manner that causes great pain to the attacker.  The DVD is over an hour long.


Meikyo Bunkai video

Volume 25 - 
Bright Mirror.
In this video, nearly 2 hours long, we look at the crane kata, related to Rohai.  As you would expect, it's got locks, throws, takedowns, and a little trick to do with the opponent's breathing cycle...


Volume 26 - Tekki Sandan
Iron Horseman Level 3.
Tekki Sandan bunkai video
 Many Thanks John I will be in touch , your Tekki sandan dvd has really opened my eyes to possibilities . Many Thanks it has inspired me a lot - B. Clarke, Fraserburgh, Scotland.
The last part of the Naihanchi family of kata.  
In this volume we look at the advanced kata and show why there are no "double blocks" and why the variations between associations still lead to the same conclusions.


jiin bunkai videoVolume 27 - Ji'in.  
Temple Shadow.  
Neck wrenching, limb twisting applications for the high level member of the JI family.  This further take on the applications previously witnessed in Jion and Jitte adds further depth to what is possible with kata bunkai.  The DVD is over an hour long.


Wankan kata application video
Volume 28 - Wankan - 
King's Crown.  
The last in the Shotokan series, taking this deceptively simple kata to applicative depths.  Walk with arms in front of  your eyes?  Catching a kick?  Not on this one.  See how we really use those techniques.  
The DVD is over an hour long.


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Although some instructors would like you to think that these techniques should not be shared openly, as just "anyone" can buy on the internet, it is our steadfast belief that you only get the best from your practice, and you will only by able to learn these dangerous applications properly and internalise them through dedicated training. 

DVDs and books are a great reminder and a learning aid, and they cannot replace tuition from a qualified and experienced teacher. Mis-use of the knowledge contained in the Bunkai products on this site is highly unlikely as the dedication and training it takes to become fully practical with these techniques is not suited to the personality type of those who abuse their knowledge. 


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