Heian Kata
The five Heian kata, numbered shodan, nidan, sandan, yondan, and godan, were created by Itosu sensei.  At the time, the Okinawan pronunciation of Pinan was used, with the later name change and re-ordering occurring under Funakoshi sensei after he had taken the art of Karate to Japan.
Primarily, these forms were created to act as a conditioning exercise for children.  Following Itosu's 1908 bid to have Karate taught in schools, some types or styles of Karate kata were thought not to have the same dynamic range that children require.
Unfortunately, the primary teaching method of Japanese society - learning by rote repetition - does not require or lead to understanding of the purpose of form as the Western mindset would perceive it.
This has led to the outward form being taught prevalently, but often with no instruction as to the purpose of the moves, and where function IS taught it is often as a rudimentary timing and conditioning exercise rather than the self defence that many of us started our Karate training to gain.
Here, then, is a set of DVDs which feature the Heian kata.  The moves are shown at an instructional pace, without gimickry or artifice, just as if you were in the dojo with John Burke sensei teaching a session on this subject.  Each about an hour long, the DVDs can be ordered individually or as a set.

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Heian Shodan bunkai DVD
HEIAN SHODAN teaches how the embusen does not reflect where the attacker starts but rather where they end up.  Gedan barai is shown to be an effective throw and strike mechanism.  Practical uses for stepping forwards while throwing age uke are demonstrated, and shuto uke is shown to be the classical end technique for the kata because of it's potentially lethal application.
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HEIAN NIDAN demonstrates the rising side kick used against an opponent's knee and why nukite is not for driving through the sternum or the solar plexus.  The joint-locks and restraint techniques of Heian Nidan are seen to cause compliance against an attacker of any strength level through simple human mechanics.
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Heian Sandan bunkai DVD
HEIAN SANDAN becomes a valuable tool in learning to throw, and the "pose" after the first kiai is allowed to be the serious restraint that it was always meant to be.  Twisting hands and arms become a more useful tool than the "double block" against a "double punch" that no-one will ever throw at you.
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Heian Yondan bunkai DVD
HEIAN YONDAN shows how the whip of body movement is used as a tool to aid striking, and why you would ever want to stand with your ankles crossed during a confrontation.  The wedge block is shown as a strangle and the turn into morote uke stops an attacker from being able to strike you wile exploring the refined concept of kazushi.
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Heian Godan bunkai DVD
HEIAN GODAN brings the package together, and reveals how the jump is really used on an opponent.  Complex locks, and the twists and turns of the human body pressure the opponent and show layers to your responses, from restraining to finishing the confrontation.
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Heian kata bunkai book
PEACEFUL MIND is the book which shows the applications in print.  The moves shown on the DVDs are shown in the book with further written explanation and photographs.  
200 pages including background and historical information, the Channan myth, and common themes of self protection.
The term "Peaceful Mind" is not a straight translation for the term, Heian.  In the book we explain why we continue to use this term.
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Or order a copy through us along with any other items you might require.
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Heian Seminar Roughcut DVD 
Okay, so we took a seminar that I was conducting at my dojo in Devon and filmed it (without the aid of a tripod).  The seminar was scheduled to be 2-4pm but went on until 5.30pm.
I taught the principles and techniques that make up the Heian family of kata.  Heian Shodan, Heian Nidan, Heian Sandan, and Heian Godan.  Admittedly, some of it is a bit rushed.  
If you want the "fuller" version then I recommend my 
Kata & Application DVDs volumes 2-6.
The applications taught were strikes, throws, grappling, chokes, and joint-locks; and everyone present agreed that they were effective.
The camera battery ran out 3 times and we had to upload the information on the camera twice as it ran out of space in it's memory.  Although it is missing some of the material that was taught that day, we slammed together a Very Rough Cut of the footage in order to offer it to you...
Seminars with me are usually 25 per person, but you didn't get the opportunity to be there (or you were there and you want the disc as a reminder), so I'm going to offer it to you at a Deal price.
This DVD, about 2 hours long but without fancy packaging, will be sent to you direct without postage charges for 19.95


If you are a subscriber to the Bunkai Strategies DVD course, please don't buy it.  
You're getting it anyway as a Bonus in Module 12.
No DVD box, just a simple sleeve for protection.  Tuition just like you were there on the day.  Fantastic value at about 2 hours long, and all just because you are on my Newsletter list or you're my Facebook friend.
Anyway, I hope this offer made a welcome intrusion into your day.
Happy training!

Pinan Kata Bunkai

The principles that bind our kata applications are useful and useable regardless of style of the practitioner.  Whether you practice flowing kata or rock-solid kata, it is the principles that are important.  

Kata performance is about aesthetics and the requirments of your association.  An enquiring mind and understanding of the principles that we are sharing means that a Wado practitioner can understand the Heian Sandan (here) is just like their Pinan Sandan.  One might have a knee-raise and stamp and the other might use a hammerfist instead of a backfist, but the principle works, regardless.

Martial artists who put aside the idea of style can successfully integrate study of the martial art as a whole rather than getting stuck in a rut.

Pinan Shodan = Heian Nidan

Pinan Nidan = Heian Shodan

Pinan Sandan = Heian Sandan

Pinan Yondan = Heian Yondan

Pinan Godan = Heian Godan.


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