It's become a bit of a legend.  A bit of a challenge...

As I teach seminars to different groups they will ask for moves to be explained from kata which I "shouldn't" know.  I'm a Shotokan man and they ask for Goju or Shito Ryu kata.  They are usually surprised to find that I have a working application for them.  I might know the kata anyway, I'm not limited by the label of Shotokan.  I might have been asked the same question that many times that I have a stored answer ready for bunkai - as explained by John Burkethem.

Or it might be that understanding the principles involved in martial arts practice has led to me understanding the "short-hand" that is kata and being able to apply it.

The best way for you to see this is by training.  We meet at my dojo or at a seminar and you can ask all the questions you need to.

But we also know that it isn't always practical due to geography and costs, etc.
There are a range of DVDs that I'm working on "Kata & Application", but if we haven't produced the volume that you need in particular, or if you have a burning desire to find out a particular application or you don't want to buy the "whole" DVD, then I have a NEW solution for you.

Would you like your move explained just for you?

Click here
and in your purchase leave me a note about the kata move that you want an application for.  
Tell me which kata.  
Which move.  
If you can find the move and a time index for a sample on Youtube or something then that's even better.  

I will make a video of what that move does and send it to you.  It will be a minimum of 3 minutes long.  If I can email it then it will be with you within 3 days.  If it's got to be on a disc then it might take a week with the postal service.

Sound like a Plan?

This is your Bunkai Resource, and you can have exactly moves that you need deciphered and the application made clear.
Just click here:
It cost £10



The word bunkai means to take apart and look at.  When we talk about applying the knowledge gained that is OYO.  John Burke%27s kata bunkai resources

We continue to use the term Bunkai because it is widely accepted and understood as the word for "application" when dealing with the moves Karate Kata.

This service enables you to discreetly obtain the applications to the moves that you need in order to train, teach, and learn effectively.

All martial arts practice is dangerous, and therefore should only be undertaken with the supervision of a qualified instructor.  The author, publishers, and hosts cannot be held responsible for the use or mis-use of the information obtained from this site.  Just like a knife, what you do with bunkai can be to the betterment or detriment, and the law must be adhered to my all martial artists.



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