Bunkai Bootcamp!

What's a Bunkai Bootcamp?  We take a short period of time and try to cram in every principle we can so that the participants can work out for themselves what the moves in kata can be used for.
We use theory and testing and plenty of examples.  We take your questions, and strongly suggest you take notes about your experiences, even though we have supplied video footage of the course to the participants over the past few years.

In the past we have had participants flying in from Ireland, the Netherlands, and travelling from all over England and Wales.  We took a slightly more experimental and experiential route to our learning, handing participants a fishing rod rather than fish.
The 2014 course was the last one.


The video footage on this page was shot at the Bunkai Bootcamp 2011.


Participants were encouraged to take notes.  We supply a copy of any footage we manage to get, and this might come out as 4 hours of video as in previous years, but there is no substitute for your own notes and experiences.

We looked at
  • distance
  • stances
  • embusen
  • hikite
  • the half-way rule
  • locks-throws-strikes
  • surface and hidden
  • gaps
  • breathing
  • the 5 possible effects
  • 3 applications per move - minimum

and a few surprises too.  Questions were asked and answered; applications were tweaked and improved.

2011, 2012, 2013 Bootcamp DVDs
(in production soon)

The 2011 & 2012 Bootcamps were filmed.  We are currently in the process of editing the footage to make this into a truly valuable resource.   There are some small pieces of information and clarification that haven't made it through, so we're busy trying to make the rest of the footage as cohesive as a project like this needs to be.

The ROUGHCUT edition of the footage from 2013 (no fancy editing etc) is available as a download here:
There is over 3 hours of footage, distilling 4 days of training down to the bare bones of practical kata bunkai principles.  You can have it for £87.  Once I've done with the editing it will be twice that.

Staying in Devon.  
There are many B&Bs in Torquay to fit all kinds of budget.  You can search online to find these or use Trip Advisor.  Here in Newton Abbot the options are a little more limited.
We recommend 
Brown's B&B/Homelands which is up a big hill
or there's Hazlewood 
or for Hotels you might find a deal at 
Newton Abbot is based off of the Pen Inn roundabout where the A380 stops being a dual carriageway.  M5, A380, and you are here.  TQ12 4PB on the sat-nav.



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