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Kata & Application Volume 28 - Wankan - King's Crown.  
The last in the Shotokan series, taking this deceptively simple kata to applicative depths.  Walk with arms in front of  your eyes?  Catching a kick?  Not on this one.  See how we really use those techniques.  
The DVD is over an hour long.
Wankan kata application video


The Wankan bunkai video is also available to download at $24.95

Gekisai Dai Ichi
The first kata of GojuRyu, created Gekisai bunkaiby Miyagi sensei.  Often seen as a beginner's exercise, here it is shown to be a powerful tool for defeating an opponent.  You don't call a Kata "Attack and Smash" for nothing, you know...
Running time: over an hour
The DVD is available here, post free, at 19.95

The Gekisai Dai Ichi video is available as a download at $29.95

Gekisaidai Nigekisai bunkai video
more variations on the theme from Gekisaidai ichi, plus the "new" techniques.  This fundamental Naha-te kata is explored here in an hour long set of applications at a close distance.  Locks, throws, strikes, as you'd expect.
The DVD is available here,post free, at 19.95:

The Gekisaidai Ni video is available as a download at $24.95

Sanchin & Tensho
In this video, lasting 1 hour and 40 minutes, John Burke sensei takes a look at the kata Sanchinsanchin and tensho bunkai and the kata Tensho.
These fundamental mainstays of Naha-te Karate lineages like Goju Ryu and Uechi Ryu are widely practiced as breathing exercises and body development forms.  Some even go so far as to say "there are no applications" to them.
Of course, the movements are found in other kata.  Kata that are considered "fighting kata" or "complete styles" in their own right.  So here, assisted by Ross Chesterton sensei, the moves are shown with practical self defence in mind.
Sanchin & Tensho - pairing where the yin & yang of the martial arts, hardness and softness, flow and tension, are found in an ever-changing tide of balance and imbalance.

The Sanchin & Tensho video is available as a download at $29.95

Tensho 2
Whereas the Sanchin & Tensho volume offers up a comparison and contrast of the two kata, thistensho bunkai videovolume gives us 50 minutes of extra insight into Tensho on it's own.  Rotating palms, and how those "soft movements" can be used to tie up an opponent in knots.
The DVD is available here at 19.95

The Tensho 2 video is available as a download at $29.95

Pressure Points in Kata Bunkai vol 1.  
1 hour of demonstration of the Pressure Point Bunkai videoenhancement of knowing which pressure points a technique uses in practical kata bunkai.  Instead oflooking at any one particular kata, we go through a number of moves from different kata and show how to add in that extra 10% which doesn't rely on strength.  
19.95 DVD

Only $24.95 for the Download
Tuite in Tekki
This hour long video features the kata Tekki Shodan and parts of Tekki Nidan and Sandan (also know, torite tekki bunkai videowith small variations, as Naihanchi) and how the art of "twisting hands" relates to the applications.  Obviously, there are stiking applications that are shown on Kata & Application volumes 7, 16, and 26 but here we look particularly at the side of the art where restraint can be enhanced to limb damage.  
19.95 DVD, post free

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 Saifasaifa bunkai video
The Tear and Smash kata from Naha-te.  In this hour-long video we look at practical uses for the moves from the fundamental kata.

19.95 DVD, post free

Click here for the Download at $29.95
BUNKAI part 1
Bunkai dvd

This presentation - over an hour long -is about the principles that you can apply to your analysis of Karate kata to formulate practical uses for the techniques.

Initially, it is available at only 15, post free.  

Click here to order the Download at a mere $20
oyo video kata bunkai
1 hour and 20 minutes of footage revealing how we escalate the practice of Kata Bunkai from the static form that we first encounter through live types of attack to a more free-form kind of practice.  There are many ways that this could be done, but the step-by-step method shown here is way of introducing the applications that you see on all our videos in a structured format.
The DVD is available post-free for 15

The Download is available for $20
Bunkai of Basics
New for January 2015bunkai of basics video
Your fundamental techniques, drilled hour after hour, are here explained as practical applications for self-defence.  You've always taught that the basics are important, and now even more-so.
The DVD is available post free for 15

The Download is available for $19
SEIYUNCHINseiyunchin bunkai dvd
New for February 2015
The fundamental Naha-te kata, as seen in The Karate Kid movie (when Mr Miyagi and Daniel-san performed it on the beach).  In this video, 1 hour long, the applications are shown to be practical self-defence at a close range.
The DVD is available post free at 19.95

The Download is available at $29.95
Heian Bunkai Workshop
Over the years, the applications to moves in the 5 Heian kata have proved very heian bunkai videopopular.  It's only natural, afterall, there are more people in coloured belts in the world than there are Black Belts, and if we can teach them something useful, practical, and interesting they might just stay around long enough to become Black Belts.  
These 2 vidoes have previously been released as bonuses on certain courses, and with each one running over an hour they provide great value as recaps of the event, and as a lexicon of techniques and principles for kata bunkai.

They don't teach you the kata, there's no fancy lighting; they were filmed live as the seminar took place.  That's why we call them a ROUGHCUT
heian bunkai video
Listed here then:
Heian Bunkai Workshop 2011 ROUGHCUT download $29.95  
Heian Bunkai Workshop 2014 ROUGHCUT download $29.95  

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Video Newsletters to Keep

The Bunkai Strategies Newsletter 2012 comprised of a series of video clips totalling over 90 minutes of tuition.  This resource is available now as a download for the bargain price of $10!  You can have bunkai principles and techniques available on your pad or pc whenever you need them...

For the Bunkai Strategies Newsletter 2013 It might be useful for posterity, for building your own bunkai library, or for the sake of portability when there's no wifi around. Week 1- 50  just $29.95 for 4 hours of footage
Bunkai Strategies 2014bunkai videos
The collected Newsletter videos amounts to 260 minutes of tuition in the principles that form the core of effective kata application with plenty of examples from various kata.
It was free on the website, but to collect, keep, and review the videos when offline you can choose to Download them here for $50
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