Always controversial, the subject of Pressure Points just will not go away.  Some people will claim mystic methods of combat, some will show delusional feats that can only work on the pre-conditioned lackey.

Here, we take Pressure Points as one of the tools that you need to have in your arsenal.  There's nothing mystical about it, simply the choice of the correct target and tool for the best effect.

The PP Guide is available as a book, and a 2-DVD set.  Further down, you can see our "PPs in Bunkai" DVD.

The Pressure Point Guide for Martial ArtistsPPcover

Diagrams and photos of the points and how to use them.  An introductory guide to pressure points, debunking some of the myths.  This is the book that people keep asking me for.  I think you should find out in class and at seminars, but people just keep asking, so here it is.

This book features some of the most popular pressure point defences that we use most frequently.  Far from being just another anatomical atlas, my aim was to demonstrate the kind of blows that we commonly see in the martial arts, and how they are practically landed on these tiny targets for best effect.  Explanation is also given for Five Element theory, Yin-Yang Theory, and Quadrant theory - all in plain english and designed to make sense to the martial artist (not the acupuncturist).

Very kindly, Russell Stutely renshi has raved about this book, claiming it's one of the very few things that he keeps on his desk rather than on the shelf.

There is also a 2-disc DVD set available below featuring the points shown in the book.


Download the ebook here:

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The Pressure Point Guide for Martial Artists DVD

John Burke sensei says:
Sometimes you have to bring something out.  Mostly I do seminars and books and DVDs because I want to.  I love the subject of bunkai and the practice of Karate.  On my travels and through forums, people kept asking for Pressure Point information.  I'd direct them to acupuncture books and the DVDs by Russell Stutley sensei.
They'd say to me "Simpler, and relevant to what we did today on the course".  It happened so many times that I brought out the Pressure Point Guide for Martial Artists.  This book has outsold Fortress Storming, which has been out for the last 10 years!

The book is going down a treat, but now people keep asking "when will you do the DVD?"  I had no intention of doing a DVD.  Russell's DVDs cover it, but still people kept asking.

So here, I've produced a 2-disc set of background, theory, and those all-important pressure points.  I do the explaining, and Richard Carrick sensei and Damien Birch sensei get the pain!  People have bought multiple copies to see these two big guys getting pain.

Mark Randall Just wanted to say that I've just finished watching the pressure point DVD's and very much enjoyed them. Thank you for putting together such an excellent resource.

In a down-to-earth way, I tell you what pressure points are, about meridians, explain how 5-Element theory can be useful to the martial artist, show some combat principles that help to make it all work, and hit my friends for your entertainment.  I show you where the points are, with illustrations from Mat Broomfield, just like in the book.

This set was released January 2010.  It has an RRP of £39.95 ($61.99)
If you have made it to this page because you are a Bunkai Strategies Newsletter Subscriber, were recommended by Master Russell Stutely, or you are one of my personal students then you can have the two-disc set, without postage charges, for £29.95

There is now available as a video download at only $29.95 The Pressure Point Guide for Martial Artists:

Mark Randall, a Taekwondo practitioner, chimed in when a colleague asked about quality martial arts DVDs and books: 
The best MA book I have recently picked up has been "The Martial Artist's Guide to Pressure Points" by John Burke. There is a seperate 2 disc DVD that you can buy that accompanies this as well. I recently attended one of his seminars in Newton Abbot and I found it all to be a very practical approach to pressure points. The book is very simple to follow and provides useful techniques as well as principles.

New for March 2014:
Pressure Points in Kata Bunkai volume 1bunkai pressure points
This hour long video is available for download at $24.95.  It features a variety of moves from Kihon to Unsu, and assumes that you know practical applications from the Kata & Application range, and here shows how that extra 10% effectiveness for no extra strength can be achieved.  How pressure points fit into the scheme of effective kata application...

There is also a physical DVD, delivered postage free at £19.95



During a seminar with John Burke sensei you will hear Pressure Points mentioned.  They are absolutely useless to you unless you already have the ability to get in and use your technique at the right range with the right context.

Once those things are in place, knowing about PPs can bring an extra bang to your technique.  Using the correct tool on the correct target can reveal better effects for less strength.

It is not the "cure-all" that will enable weak people to overcome strong people, but it can help when you know which targets will enable you to shut down the stronger opponent - possible without having to do them permanent harm.

"Sometimes people come to me just wanting to learn Pressure Points" John said, "I tell them that first they must be able to move and understand the range and proximity that our traditional Karate will reveal, then the Pressure Points will be the last 5% of the equation in their success."


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