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Yes, people keep asking for more video footage for the Bunkai Strategies Newsletter.  We like to oblige!

Here at I am well aware that the free Newsletter that you can sign-up to on the homepage is of enormous value, but at the same time the written word can't really convey what those techniques and principles being discussed are really doing.  Around issue 7 and 8 of the Newsletter you are sent links to videos like the one above to prove the points made visually as well as through the written word.  But we knew that these little snippets were not enough.

So I agreed to instruct in this Bunkai Strategies DVD course as an extension of my Complete Karate home study programme.  In that DVD set I take apart the art of Karate and reassemble it so that practitioners have solid reasons for the practice of their basics in thin air and their kumite and kata.  To top that off, I really wanted to lay out the Bunkai side of things.  So The Bunkai Strategies DVD Course was created to feed the keys to Kata Bunkai to those who are interested.  Over the year you will not just be fed bunkai for moves in kata - you can see that all the time in my Kata & Application range of DVDs.  This course exists to take you inside the workings - to explain HOW a kata means what it does and let you work out the bunkai by understanding the rules of what makes good bunkai and what makes bad bunkai.  You need to have those "Lightbulb Moments" where things click into place.
Folks really need to see how the human body dictates bunkai.  The newsletter describes a lot of it, but really you have to see and feel the results.  Feeling we can demonstrate at one of our regular seminars and courses.  If you can't get to one then this DVD library is a tremendous resource of the principles which govern how to use bunkai effectively.

You don't have to have the Complete Karate course to enjoy the Bunkai Strategies dvd course.

Those "lightbulb moments" that people have when I teach seminars needed recording, so in this course I show

* the PRINCIPLES that govern kata application

* meaningful kata PERFORMANCE

* the relationship of application to SELF DEFENCE

* HOW to integrate this into your classes SAFELY

and of course loads of examples of TECHNIQUE 


IF you've trained with me or read my books or seen the other DVDs then you know that I can dig VERY deep into the movements of your kata and grab the finesse, share it and transform your kata for you.  
If that's not worth much to you then I really don't want to share this information. 
If it's worth absolutely loads to you then this course is cheap.  I mean, in the end, what price can you put on the knowledge gained by training with martial arts masters from across the world?  That's what I've done.  I've travelled around the globe, trained with people in different continents and used my time and money to glean and catalogue, compare and synthesise.  I don't want your sympathy for that - I've loved every minute of it and I'm still doing it.  At the same time, you've got to put yourself out a bit to get this stuff.
A day's Kata Bunkai seminar would cost you somewhere around 25-50 (approx $38.75-$77.50).  In the seminar you would get to feel  the techniques, which is something that a DVD can't do for you.  To make up for the lack of tactile learning; what we have done is to give you a discount off of the Bunkai Strategies Bootcamp held in Devon, UK, in the summer.  Now don't fret.  Even if you can't get to the Bootcamp this Course is still exceptional value for money, providing information on all sorts of Kata movements and their applications.  
"looking at the DVD's and implementing some of the material at my classes. It's such a huge subject there's years of material there". LC, Cirencester
The people who aren't subscribers to this Course will pay 250 (approx $382.85) for the Bunkai Bootcamp.  In the Bootcamp you would get 5 days training in Bunkai AND get to join in with the Karate Academy classes that take place in the evenings during your course.  Obviously, you'll still need to find somewhere to stay and we can recomend several of the local hotels or Bed & Breakfast establishments.

Now, with the DVDs of this Bunkai Strategies DVD Course you can watch again and again once you own it.  You'd have to do a lot of seminars to get the amount of information contained within this Bunkai Strategies DVD Course.  

A DVD can be frozen to inspect the detail of a technique, but if you had a question the DVD can't answer like an instructor can.  Our solution: fire off your email question directly to the "hotline" email that we provide to subscribers and Sensei will get back to you personally with his answer, and if it can't be done in writing he'll create a video download just for your query.  Now Private Tuition is virtually priceless, but let's say you spent just a little time each week with me at 687 (approx $1064.85) or more per year, but here it's included in the Bunkai Strategies DVD Course.

Now these Bunkai Strategies Course DVDs are all NEW material, commissioned specially for this course.  If you liked the information on my 
Kata & Application DVDs then you'll be pleased to hear that this series both takes things at a more "broken down" pace AND goes further to show just how these principles get put to work.

There are 12 DVDs in the course.

Module 1 shows the basic distances and why they are what we base our bunkai on.  It covers the types of attack that we deal with, explains the first rule of application that makes sense of everything else (the one that SOOOOOO many other people get absolutley wrong).  The basic moves that are taught in just about every Karate school in the world are given level 1 applications, and the importance of training in "thin air" is given it's grounding.

Module 2 teaches the next rule of application, how applications are built up to deal with the "uncompliant" and there are more examples of techniques with the clear difference of what you do in the dojo versus what you do in the street.  Of the hundred gedan barai applications that we practice, the first 5 are presented here (if you know sensei then number 1 will surprise you!)

Module 3 reveals the purpose of turns and "mawatte".  It also includes another 5 gedan barai applications

Don't you want to know what's on Disc 4 and onwards?  
"Assisted blocks"?  
Why breathing is so important (and how)?  
The art of triangulation.  
What those jumps in kata are for?  
How to use your bunkai on the floor?  
An introduction to Pressure Points.
The five rules.
There's lots more.

Is this for everyone?  No.  
If you think you know it all then you shouldn't buy this; even the things that should surprise you in the Course are not for people like you.  
If you you are more concerned with what happens in your "style" than effectiveness then this stuff will probably offend you mightily; best steer clear.  
If you think that Karate is all about winning competitions and medals then you should probably leave this website alone completely, don't even think about taking the Course.

But if you are still learning- whether that's after one year or twenty -and still experimenting; and still finding effectiveness; and looking into your art for the sheer enjoyment of studying it then you will find this set of information useful.

So, how does this course work?
Invest in this course.  We will send one DVD to your address every month.  There might also be the occasional bonus DVD (yeah? - actually it ended up being with every module).  You have one month to evaluate and assimilate the information and fire off any questions you have before the next disc arrives.  In the summer you can come and take part in the Bunkai Strategies Bootcamp at the special reduced price.  The Course builds, bit by bit.  Starting with the bare basics of Applied Karate in Self Defence and building up to show just why those moves occur as they do in the forms you practice.  You might already know some of it.  By the end you will have reasons for all the things you do in your kata - particularly if you take the time to ask the questions and work the answers into your regular training.

What of the cost?  Well, we could be glib and say that this information is priceless.  
We could justify it by calculating out all the parts and then you could weigh that up against what you would pay for courses/seminars and repeating the information many times before it sunk in during "live" classes. 
The fact of it is, this stuff is specialised.  
The average martial artist training a couple of times per week isn't really that interested in the content of this Course.  Those of us who have travelled to other cities and other countries just to meet Masters and glean their "secrets" know that there are no short-cuts.  But what you can do is gather resources, and this Bunkai Strategies DVD Course is a huge resource, worth much more than the price you pay.  Let's break it down anyway:
12x DVD 360
Feedback tuition 687
Bunkai Bootcamp 247
makes 1294 (approx $2070)

his package is just 997.
You can pay as a one-off with a discount down to 850

Now, in 2021, we are offering the Bunkai Strategies DVD course for a simple 300 flat.
Or there is a marked "Six Part Payment" to allow you to spread the cost over time rather than doing it all in one go, if that's what you require.
OUR GUARANTEE:  If you watch all the DVDs, use the feedback system, do the course, (valued above at 1234 (approx $1912.70) and you feel for ANY REASON that this wasn't worth the measly 850 (approx $1360) that we're asking then all you have to do is return the DVDs and associated materials and we'll give you a FULL REFUND.  Anytime, even a year after this course has finished.  We know it's that good.

Oh, yes, there are some extra materials for you, too, but they wouldn't be a surprise if we told you about them, would they?  (Never before seen seminar footage, ground-fighting, old tuition that's long since out of production - more than 6 hours of bonuses across the course).
ACTUALLY it's not just six hours anymore.  Those who joined the the Bunkai Strategies DVD course in 2010 received more Bonuses.  We started using the Bonuses in the non-public offering of the course, and they went down really well.  For those subscribing now we've got more additional DVDs that the "dry run guys" didn't get at the time we tested this course out.  Yes, they've had the material since, thanks for your concern.  Now we're including a whole seminar of John Burke and Martyn Harris sensei with a surprise knockout included.  You'll see Neil Ellison sensei with a class, and then frankly to the camera with his Directions lesson.  Stuart Howe sensei showing how devestating Wado Ryu ippon gumite can be when applied properly.  Xing Yi.  Flow drills.  Watch John Burke sensei's students working out Bunkai for themselves to see how the processes work.  
Yes, the Bonuses alone could make a whole course, but the subscribers get this information at no extra charge.  And yes, there are still a few surprises along the way.  
Join today, before the Bonuses get turned into a seperate "product", and before your fellow martial artists get too far ahead.


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