It just works out better for me to buy the course over time!
Yes, I looked at the details and found that this kind of course is something that I'd really like to have.  I just want to pay over time. I understand that the full course is 997.
2021 update - we've just made it a flat 300 for the course.  That means that the "installments" have changed...

The option below allows me to pay in six installments over six months for the year's worth of Bunkai Strategies DVD course.  That's currently 50 per installment.

I do understand that one DVD will be mailed out to me each month, just as if I'd bought the whole course with one payment.  I'll also get the Bonus DVDs included in my packages.
Whatever the reason, we want to help you have access to this information.  Bear in mind that it builds over time.  Not all the secrets are in volume 1!


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