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Mark Randall Just wanted to say that I've just finished watching the pressure point DVD's and very much enjoyed them. Thank you for putting together such an excellent resource.

DOMO GREAT SERVICE GREAT INFO AND REALISTIC Buyer: derekw7420 ( 213) 31-Mar-11 09:50 EMPI Shotokan Karate Kata Bunkai DVD applications oyo

Faultless transaction. Speedy delivery. Recommended! Buyer: rickt8877 ( 170) 22-Mar-11 22:23 Tekki Shodan/Naihanchi Karate Kata Comparison DVD NEW (#120697466174) £12.32 View Item 

GREAT EBAYER SUPERFAST DOMO ARIGATO Buyer: derekw7420 ( 213) 22-Mar-11 09:15  Kanku SHO Shotokan Karate kata bunkai applications oyo (#120697458847) £12.23 View Item 

Very quick delivery, excellent information on DVD, real eye opening techniques. Buyer: sempaiash ( 39) 19-Mar-11 09:14Kanku SHO Shotokan Karate kata bunkai applications oyo

About John Burke's Books:

All perfect! Thank you. Buyer: igorzeler ( 75) 23-Mar-11 13:33 Peaceful Mind Heian Karate Shotokan Kata Bunkai/oyo

Great item and Great Seller!!! Five Stars. Buyer: tetsuboheiho ( 210) 22-Dec-10 22:00 Fortress Storming Bassai Dai Karate Kata Bunkai & oyo

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