Part two of the Naihanchi story.

Normally taught to 2nd degree Black Belts, the sideways moving kata is a grappling relative of the Tekki Shodan kata.

If you would like to see applications that show how the moves of this kata can be used in close, against a grappler, to gain advantage and cause considerable pain with a series of locks, chokes, and dangerous strikes then this DVD is for you.

The mild amount of £19.95 gets you approximately 1 hour of tuition from John Burke sensei, author of Iron Horseman (a book about Tekki Shodan applications) and features Alfredo Marano sensei visiting the Devon, UK dojo from Italy.Tekki Nidan applications DVD

Click the link below to have a DVD sent to you with no postage charges no matter where in the world you are.

The Tekki Nidan bunkai application DVD is also available as a download at $24.95 here:

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John Burke%27s kata bunkai

Although some instructors would like you to think that these techniques should not be shared openly, as just "anyone" can buy on the internet, it is our steadfast belief that you only get the best from your practice, and you will only by able to learn these dangerous applications properly and internalise them through dedicated training. 

DVDs and books are a great reminder and a learning aid, and they cannot replace tuition from a qualified and experienced teacher. Mis-use of the knowledge contained in the Bunkai products on this site is highly unlikely as the dedication and training it takes to become fully practical with these techniques is not suited to the personality type of those who abuse their knowledge. 

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