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heian kata bunkai book

Peaceful Mind

Heian shodan, nidan, sandan, yondan and godan practical kata bunkai

This was the next book, looking at the Heian kata that are usually taught to low grade students.  There are many more people out there below black than there are at black belt and beyond, so it was wise to produce this for them.  It also exists in order to brief higher grade (black belt) students in furthering their education and pushing their boundaries.

Forewords here are by Anthony Blades, Russell Stutely, and Patrick McCarthy

See why x-block isn't for stopping a descending hammer-fist.  See what the jump in Heian Godan is really used for.  Find out why neither arm in the first move of Heian Nidan and Heian Yondan is "preparatory" for anything, and what those arms are really doing up there.  Why stepping to the left is a good idea, even if the opponent is "in your face".

This book features many moves which can be seen on Kata & Application volumes 2-6, which you can order here.

The ebook is available here:

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tekki shodan bunkai book

Iron Horseman

Tekki Shodan practical kata bunkai

This one looks at the Tekki Shodan kata and provides useful applications to all of those weird-looking postures.  This kata is much misunderstood.  It's shortness of performance and the inability to use most of it's techniques in competition Karate mean that it is usually overlooked.  In truth it's a work of genius, teaching the practitioner about close-in fighting. Arm-bars, chokes, and close strikes galore!

Order the book to find out why side-ways stepping is mechanically sensible.  Why crossing your arms in front of you might just knock the attacker out.  Why those ridiculous stories of fighting on horseback, down a narrow alley, or on the narrow paths between ricefields are just nonsense - and what the moves are really for.

Companion to Kata & Application vol 7 DVD - which you can order here

The ebook is available here:     Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

bassai dai bunkai book

Fortress Storming

Bassai Dai practical kata bunkai

This is the book that I was forced to write.  One of my students could not  believe the junk she was reading in a certain other kata book and asked why there wasn't something on the market that held more sense.  I tried to explain that everyone is entitled to their opinions, but she was a rational human being, 

and could not understand why anyone would want to believe that the first move from Bassai Dai was leaping forward to block an oi-zuki that couldn't possibly touch you unless you leap forward into it!!!

For a long while we only did this book for my members as a spiral bound thing.  

As we got more and more bookings for seminars we ended up having to have it printed and bound just to save time.

It's about Bassai Dai kata, featuring at least one application for every move, a bit of history, and a bit about pressure points.  There's a foreword by Russell Stutely, Europe's premier pressure point expert.

This book is companion to Kata & Application volume 8 DVD, orderable here.

If you want practical uses for each move in the kata, then order the book here.  It is mailed out worldwide without additional postage charges if you use our "Add to Cart" button.  Hit the Lulu button if you'd like a download version.

The ebook is available here:

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bassai sho bunkai book

Fortress Storming - the minor version

Bassai Sho practical kata bunkai.

This book was published at the very end of November 2008.  It features applications to the moves in Bassai Sho, Bassai Dai's 2nd degree black belt brother.  So few people reach Black Belt, and even fewer get beyond it to really investigate the higher kata.  This book acts as complement and comparison to the Fortress Storming book.

As well as featuring practical applications to each and every move - and none of them are defending against a bo staff - the book also contains theory on the relationship between Dai and Sho versions of kata.  The companion to Kata & Application volume 14 DVD (which you can purchase here)

The ebook is available here:
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also available

Pressure Point book
The Pressure Point Guide for Martial Artists $29.95

Pressure Points explained for the benefit of martial arts practitioners.  Not a complete guide to acupuncture - just what you've got to know for how to use them with your techniques.

Diagrams and photos of the points and how to use them.  An introductory guide to pressure points, debunking some of the myths.  This is the book that people keep asking me for.  I think you should find out in class and at seminars, but people just keep asking, so here it is.

This book features some of the most popular pressure point defences that we use most frequently.  Far from being just another anatomical atlas, my aim was to demonstrate the kind of blows that we commonly see in the martial arts, and how they are practically landed on these tiny targets for best effect.  Explanation is also given for Five Element theory, Yin-Yang Theory, and Quadrant theory - all in plain english and designed to make sense to the martial artist (not the acupuncturist).

Very kindly, Russell Stutely renshi has raved about this book, claiming it's one of the very few things that he keeps on his desk rather than on the shelf.

There is also a 2-disc DVD set available below featuring the points shown in the book.

The ebook is available here:

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Thanks for your support.

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