The Kanku Sho kata is normally taught to karate-ka of 2nd degree black belt and above.  As such, the number of people who know the kata is demonstrably smaller than those who know, for instance, the Heian kata.  To then take into account the number of people who know valid applications for the kata leaves us with a very small and elite group indeed.
Popular in competition thanks to the athletic jump in the performance, many people are stumped as to what the moves in Kanku Sho are for.
You will find applications that deal with roundhouse kicks and fancy combinations that just lead the self defence-minded martial artist to question the efficacy of this kata.  
"What does the assisting hand actually do in the morote uke?"
"Why would you punch and then block?"
What is that jump actually used for?"
In this new DVD, released mid-February 2011, John Burke sensei shows how each of the moves can be used for self defence, and reveals the principles for working out the applications.
new Kanku Sho applications DVD
Previously, this very seminar was taught behind closed doors, for a large group who forbade the release of the footage.  This version was filmed at The Karate Academy in Devon, UK, with the assistance of Alfredo Marano sensei who had come over from Italy.
If you would like to get your hands on this DVD - a real one, not a download - then order today and have it delivered without any postage charges, no matter where in the world you are, by clicking the link below.
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See how the techniques of the kata are used for locks, throws, takedowns, strikes to anatomically vulnerable areas; and all from a realistic starting point.
Learn what the jump is really for.  
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The Kanku (or Kusanku or Kosokun) family of kata are very important to several styles of Karate.  It has been said that it was Funakoshi sensei's favourite kata.
Kanku Sho, to view the sky, minor, is the companion kata to Kanku Dai, to view the sky, great. We have previously released Kanku Dai across 2 volumes due to the length and wealth of possibilities found within the kata.
kanku dai bunkai video
They can be ordered here:

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Although some instructors would like you to think that these techniques should not be shared openly, as just "anyone" can buy on the internet, it is our steadfast belief that you only get the best from your practice, and you will only by able to learn these dangerous applications properly and internalise them through dedicated training.

DVDs and books are a great reminder and a learning aid, and they cannot replace tuition from a qualified and experienced teacher.  Mis-use of the knowledge contained in the Bunkai products on this site is highly unlikely as the dedication and training it takes to become fully practical with these techniques is not suited to the personality type of those who abuse their knowledge.


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