bunkai strategies bookThe Bunkai Strategies Newsletter is available for free on the first page of this website.  
You only have to click the link over there ===>
 and give your name and email address and it will be send to you over the course of a year.

For those who have read it and wished that they had kept the individual emails; for those who can't wait the year to get all the pieces in one place; and for those of us who just like having things in books instead of on a screen, I've collated the first 50 into a book.

There's no frills to this presentation, it's just the e-mails put together as a book, but then the price is only £12.50, so that's fair, isn't it?  Printing and binding being what they are, £12.50 is not bad for getting all that information in one handy reference.

What information?  Well, we talk about the place of bunkai and kata in your training, dispel some myths, and explain what a whole load of different moves from different kata are for.

I answer some common questions that I always get on seminars and try to tell it how I see it.  I'm going to do a more comprehensive version with photos that will inevitably be more expensive (and there's no telling how long it will take me to get round to finishing it), but if you want those email Newsletters featuring Bunkai Strategies all in one place, then this link here gets it for you with no postage charges, no matter where you are:

There is a series of video clips that made up the Bunkai Strategies Newsletter in 2012.  You can see them online at the tv.bunkai.co.uk site in the archives section, or you can download them and keep them as a resource on your pad or pc for the huge price of $10.  There is over 90 minutes of tuition there, looking at different techniques and principles.  Your very own bunkai library...

You can increase your libarary with the video clips from Bunkai Strategies Newsletter 2013.  So far we have weeks 1-10, which totals 1 hour of application tuition for the nominal $10.

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